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  • Hi Coliine,
    I love your pets also, so adorable, animals are amazing. We now have a cat and a dog. He is so precious, he is a munchkin, his leg's are only a couple of inches off the ground, SO CUTE.. We just love him so much, he is 4 months old. My husband has never been around a cat, he really love's this little guy. He sure does bring happiness in a home. I am so angry for people who do not love animals. They are the great equalizer, love us all no matter what we have or do not have.. Thanks fo the nice messsage.
    Hi Coleen, I am doing well and am getting so lazy, all I want to do is sleep and read (and talk on the forum). My reading is mainly historical stuff, I just read a history of Alexander Mackenzie and because we live about 200 meters from the Athabasca River the history of the early Canadian explorers is really close to home. The weather for the last few days has been nice after about a week of pretty much steady rain. I am glad that you have a new pet, animals are fun to have around. We have a golden retriever and a black and white cat
    Geothermal? I am jealous as I have always thought that is the way to go. It must have been a lot of work to set up what with the digging involved. Do you need any other heat source as a back up? Sorry to hear about your elbow, it sounds painful. My mom used to get cortisone shots in her shoulder and it seemed to help her at the time. I hope that it works for you too, you have to be able to read and work on the computer.
    You can't complain about old age! My husband called me today and said he had been looking forever for his pen (he was out on the line), went to buy a new one, took off his hat and there it was! And he's only 51! Our walk was 4.5 kg. no shorter loop. Hope the weather is better next year.
    It's been about 30 all week here. Just started to rain. Figures! We just got our lawn mower fixed! Isn't the weather just nuts this year? Do you garden? Haven't got one this year, but found out ALS Canada is giving out cornflower seeds so asked for some. Figure at least I'll do a planter.
    Hi Coleen, sorry you did ask me where my walk was earlier and I totally forgot to tell you, must be getting old in my old age! The walk was in Hawrelak Park in Edmonton. It is a really nice park and it has a 2.5 km loop so walkers can do it once (like I did this year) or twice (like I did last year). The weather was just perfect on walk day and I am glad for that because the Saturday before I was wearing gloves and a heavy coat. I know what you mean about donor fatigue, I had people grump at me "but I donated last year" so I told them "yeah and I'll come and get you next year too!". I KNOW that you'll raise more money next year and I really appreciate your effort! Thanks, every dollar counts!
    Hi Colleen, your walk team is almost exactly the same size as mine, I had 18 including me. I wish that I could go to more walks in different places just to see them. I live in Hinton which is about 3 hours drive west of Edmonton and an hour east of Jasper. Lethbridge is about 7 - 8 hrs from me, a nice town.

    The turn out in WPG was awesome! Wished we could have met seeing we both were at the walk! We tried the Brummit Fesby House for the night. I had to go through a quick learning on their equipment as it was different than ours. It was emotionally stressful for both Rick and I from the different equipment to seeing others in a more progressive stage of ALS. I think I slept at the most 2 hours. They are very accomodating and considerate there that is for sure. We still can't believe this is happening to our life! I don't think a person ever adjusts to it that is for sure. Do you have a regular email address that I can write to? Ours is [email protected] Have a great time with your mom.
    Bye for now,
    Hi Colleen.....we moved about an hour from Wpg. to Whitemouth last fall. Our son and his family made reno's to their home there to accomodate us thru Rick's illness. We have a walk out here where all our friends and family participate but we are going to do our best to make it to the Wpg. walk ourselves.
    Hope to see you there! Any of the ALS Society folks there will be able to point us out to you :)
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