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  • 22C is only 72F. Yesterday our high was 107 which is 42C. Its miserable with no end in sight!
    Hmm, I don't know, I'm trying to get AWAY from sunshine!!! The other day it was cloudy and it was AMAZING! I guess I can bring some as long as it doesn't exceed 75 degrees!
    Can I come visit you up North? I am melting down here in Oklahoma! Just stopped by to say Hi, I haven't been around for a while but have returned for a stint. Hope you are doing great!
    Hi Colleen, I'm sitting on my porch in the shade watching everyone do yard work :). A beautiful summer day and Beth is going to barbecue a chicken later. So I'm doing great, Lori is here today and she and Colleen will be here tomorrow. Hope youare finding some time off work to enjoy the summer.
    Hugs, Barry
    Hi Colleen, this is a good weekend because I have a helper. Her name is Colleen too. Have a good weekend! Hugs to you too!!
    Colleen, So good to hear from you. Its a soccer ball (little not a real one) There's a full sized picture in the Ernie and Phoenix photo album. Hope you're enjoying summer. Gotta go, ( really) - dr appt later xo
    Just stopping in to say hi! Sounds like you have been busy. Take care- Marianne
    afternoon Barry, crappy day here again. Figures, my day off and I wanted to do some yard work. Went to the market garden with Jeremy and looked around. Good to get outside. Hope you are getting out some and the weather is nice for you. Hope the chocking episodes aren't too bad these days. How are you doing otherwise? (((((hugs))))
    Hey, the fat's not coming off. Who do I call to complain? Oh, yeah. The gal in the mirror...hhmmm... I'm so glad we are e-friends!
    Hi, Colleen- Thanks for the "check". We're OK; have been busy- did a trip to DC for Advocacy Day; just got back from a cruise with family. Trying to catch up around home; have issues to deal with as far as my parents. Thanks for your support; I really appreciate it. Love, Marianne
    Hi Colleen, I'm surviving the renovations but hard to get to my computer so I have to use my iPod to come to the forum. Lots of new challenges, legs and arms getting weaker which is making transfers harder and I can't wait for Mike to be done. Glad that you and Ray are keeping busy, I'm just staying out of the way :)
    Hi Colleen, cold and wet here too but that's ok, keeps the fires away. My bed is now in the living room so I'm ok and don't have to pace :). I hope you had a good day off.
    Thanks Colleen, didn't get out today but that was my choice. I have a video conference with my ALS tomorrow so I am saving my energy. I hope you have a good trip to Kelowna and get things figured out. How was Jeremy's trip? How is Steven doing? Andrew told us he was going with a friend to the Orkney islands for a few days so he is obviously having a good time! Take care and hugs to you
    Hi Colleen, yes it was bit of a shock to suddenly be flat on my back on the floor but I wasn't hurt so that's good. I was walking with my walker to the living room and my power chair when my knees just gave out and over backward I went. We are now using my transport chair to go from my room to my power chair. Still haven't found anyone to modify my doorway so my chair will come in and I also need bathroom modifications. Such fun!!
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