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  • Hi there, so is Ray on disability now so he has the time for adventures? And what about you, are you still working at Canadian Tire? Are both your boys with you? Sorry I forget. I'm doing ok, now taking Ativan for anxiety and reeling much better. Talk to you soon,
    Hi there you! Hope you and yours are doing ok and that you're not working too hard. I'm doing ok, not really but I fake it well, I have pretty much full time help now and weekends are not scary but with the cold and snow I don't get out much so kinda boring. Anyway I like your deer thingy, good to hang Christmas decorations on or dress him up as Rudolph. Take care friend.

    Hey, I meant to write to you. What happened to your hubby that he's on disability? Let me know, it bothers me that I missed reading about it (if you posted) have been away from forum more than I used to be.

    Yeah, computer (knock on wood) is good. I'm still not that sure about the PEG status. It seems like it takes longer for whatever I'm putting into the tube to go through. I've got this niggling concern that its partially blocked somewhere on the stomach end. (*sigh)

    Talk to you soon, D xo
    Colleen, You've got to go look at Lydia's new photos in the Dog album!
    What are you still doing up? I survived the sisters and have a new helper starting soon to take care of me on weekends so things are relatively ok. Now back to sleep!
    Hi there you! I survived the sisters and the weekend. I have Lori coming tomorrow and Sunday so I'm happy and we are interviewing another woman tomorrow so I hope that I have weekends covered. Anyway I hope things have stopped spinning for you and that you had or are having or are about to have a happy anniversary. Andrew is back in Victoria for another year so I'm sure he's having a fun time. I hope he's back at thanksgiving.
    Big hugs, Barry

    I didn't know you've been sick! How are you now? We had rain today, but much of the summer has been way too dry. I'll look on the weather map, and there will be storms all around, but miss us. Today it was the opposite. One little system and it was smack dab on top of us :) Enjoy the cookout... The boys are working around the house here. Stacking the washer and dryer in the kitchen (not that thrilled about this, as I can't reach up with right arm) but, in the big picture it needed done, as the W& D were making refrigerator too close to wall and one door could not fully open... talk soon and have a good time today :)
    Hi! Nope, no flooding right here. We lost our power, but only a short while, and we have a generator. Only read drama in neighborhood was a huge pine tree uprooted and fell. It was directly across the street from us, and was so tall it actually went through 2 1/2 yards ! Took out a fence but it doesn't look like it damaged any houses.

    I hope you're doing well, up there in your super quaint little town! I've just been swamped with company this summer. Some left Sunday, more coming in tomorrow.
    Well that's awful about Jay's grave. I know that it's a favorite pass time of bigots to vandalize Jewish graves, some things never change I guess.
    Hi there! I hope you are feeling better and the worlds not spinning as much. Did Ray make it back in one piece, I can't imagine having to golf if you've never done it before (I haven't either). I'm sitting out in the yard now trying to get some fresh air and watching Andrew stain the stairs.tale care and thanks for the hugs. Back atcha!
    It will be 35C today and then get warmer as the week progresses but I will take that over 3C any day. Maybe YOU should come visit me :)
    Hi, Colleen- thanks for your message & good wishes. Hanging in- keep me posted! xo- Mar
    the high this coming week is 24C so I guess it's safe for you to come and bring the sun. ;)
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