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  • My clinical exam is passable from what I understand. I have absent reflexes in my triceps and decreased ankle ones as well. In terms of Babinski, on my last test they were absent. I can walk fine, stand on heels and toes and push/pull when it comes to all the strength tests. I'm not a patient person, so this is just really eating me up inside.
    I have had MRI's of my brain, c-spine, lumbar spine. brain showed 20 non-specific lesions. Cspine showed degenerative disc, more pronounced at c4-5, but small disc bulges at c3-4 and c5-6. nothing to explain my thumb atrophy. I am awaiting a brachial plexus MRI result. My recent neuro has referred me to Dr. Glass at Emory ALS clinic though, so things don't look great. I had clean EMG in oct and an abnormal one in jan that suggested a radiculopathy, but no imaging shows that, so who knows.
    I'm interested to see about what your diagnosis ends up as. I have a lot of the same symptoms. Burning fatigue sort pain in my arm along with weakness and twitching. If you haven't alewady, a cspine mri may be worth getting. That's where my issues are stemming from, but my thumb pad atrophy still concerns me. Best of luck!
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