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  • >What is my future? You can do a search on ALS, it is not promising, but I seem to be progressing slower than most. The doctors offer no advice other than take a trip and prepare for being in a wheelchair and eating through a tube. My attitude from day one has been “The less you do, the less you will do”, so I am fighting to do as much as I can for as long as I can. When making my lunch or putting in my contacts I may sound like Ralphie’s dad fighting his furnace, but once you stop trying there is no turning back.

    great attitude!

    how you holding up?

    Max - Tuesday, July 15, 2014 1:32:28 PM
    onset 9/2010, diagnosed with ALS by Stanley Appel 8/29/2013
    It Is What It Is ...

    OMG! Small world. That was my very first half! ( it wasn 't pretty) They just announced today, the 40th anniversary Ottawa Marathon - all races sold out. My running mates sacrificed 30 tee shirts - and had a quilt made. I love it!! I use it most days. It is beautiful! Our other Ottawa member (Ottawa09072013) is also a real marathoner. I think she's done Boston a few times. Me? Slow as molasses. So, by using more time... I got my entry money's worth. Ha!
    Hi KCAE, actually, I varied -- but did marathons, and so trained heavily from time to time (at least once a year)....minimum mileage per week -- probably 20-25 miles....ran for 20 years - quit in 2006 or so (probably had PLS symptoms then, too -- but were masked by lumbar pain and sciatica). It's been a very, very (very.....) long journey. :)

    Just dropped in to say Hi! How are things going with you? My dad is in the Acthar (sp?) trial and gets to injections a week. Too early to tell if its helping any or not. But, he hasn't had any bad side affects at least. I sure do miss him my dad since he's in Dallas, Texas now and I'm in Illinois. I'm hoping to go visit him the first week of January. We are hoping to get my kids done there sometime too over their Christmas break. That is the only time they can really go and not fall so far back in their school work. If they were in grade school yet it wouldn't be so bad. But, for out twins who are in high school and already struggling a little they can't afford to miss a day. We pulled the youngest out of school for a week last year. He gets straight A's and we felt seeing grandpa was more important. Take care, Kim
    My oldest daughter has just started to run, her and my wife just ran her first 10K a couple of weeks ago. I have the same wish to be able to run with them. How long have you been at PAX River. I good friend of my was Base CMC (Master Chief Stigler) there a while back.
    Ran about 30 a week, loved it. My wife is still a big runner, we would together, really miss it. I now work at Portmouth Naval Shipyard in Kittery Me, also as a GS.
    I didn't attend college but my husband graduated from EIU. It's about a 40 minute drive from Effingham. My dad just got into a clinical trial so I hope he has good luck and it slows down his progression. He has two stents in and we always thought that his heart would be his main problem and then he ended up with ALS. One never knows what is in store with them in their life. Take care, Kim
    I believe that is where I-57 & I-70 meet, went to school at EIU. You do not sound like you are from a small town outside of Chicago.
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