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    Is it time for a PWC?

    FWIW, I got the Permobil F3 last fall. I am very happy with it. Medicare covered most of the cost, but I paid around $3,000 for the seat elevation. Not crucial, but useful especially when I have my hair washed at the kitchen sink. Kevin
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    say hi to Max here

    Pleased to meet you, Max. My name is Kevin.
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    Patient Lift and Carpeting

    My weight was 175 the last time at the ALS clinic in October. Our carpet nap is less than 1/2 inch, with carpet padding under it. I believe it would be best for my petite CALS, Peggie, to have a "chair pad" under the lift. Nuts, can you tell me where you got yours?
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    Patient Lift and Carpeting

    With the arrival of a patient lift We have been told to get a couple of office chair carpet protectors to ease moving the lift on carpet. There appear to be hundreds of different types, sizes and material. Can anyone provide guidance? Thanks, Kevin
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    Hello from New Jersey

    Thank you for the very warm welcome! I know I will find new friends here. Kevin
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    Hello from New Jersey

    Kevin from NJ here, diagnosed w/ALS June 2015. Been lurking for some weeks, I like to look at the Todays Posts. Shout out to the good folks at Joan Dancy and PALS! I was walking with a limp in Sept. 2014. By January 15 using a walker and this week is maybe when I cease ambulating. More...