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  • My wife was diagnosed with ALS in August 2013. She is on a bipap and has small degree of strength in her legs and in her arms. She also has had a ng tube for at least the past 3 months. About 6-7 weeks ago she developed a severe head drop and we started using a neck brace. About 3 weeks ago, the muscles that held her head up became quite strong and when sitting on the couch she is able to hold up her head without support and pivoting her head normally for long periods of time. I've also noticed some improvement in the strength in both of her arms. She is not taking any medication or supplements. I've been told by her neurologist that sometimes people can experience improvement in symptoms over a period of time. Has anyone had any experience with symptoms improving on their own...particularly seemingly a rather dramatic improve such as being able to hold one's head erect after experiencing severe head drop for at least 3-4 weeks?
    Hi! Im sorry to be so rude but I was wondering if you could share how your wifes symptoms started? I have been experiencing some symptoms and am scared it might be PMA. Thank you in advance
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