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    Heavenly Healing

    On May 30th, my PALS received the answer to his prayers for quick, heavenly healing. He began experiencing symptoms in August of 2017, was diagnosed in January of 2018, and after 7 weeks of hospiice, was released from this horrible disease. We always assumed his battle would be short because his...
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    The Next Part of the Journey

    Lenore, When dealing with my aging mother, my PALS continued to remind me that we make (or made) the best decision we can at the time with the information we have and then when must do our best not to look back and second guess. It is easy to second guess our decisions when you have more...
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    Forum issues after update

    Nikki, This morning I deleted all browsing history, logged back in and I got the same results in the search...most current thread is 2011 or 2012. Hmmm...let me know if you think of anything else I can try on my end. Thanks!
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    Forum issues after update

    Nikki, I searched "saliva" and "morphine" and in both cases, the most current match was from 2011. I logged out and back in and tried it again. I received the same results.
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    Forum issues after update

    Re: Forum threads not loading. Thank you David and everyone else who has helped keep this site running smoothly. I appreciate all you are doing as the forum is such a blessing to me as a CALS. I also wanted to let you know that it seems searches are not pulling current matches. When I search...
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    Thoughts on When to Get Hospice

    My PALS and I have decided to use hospice when the time is right. He uses a Trilogy about 17 hours a day, does not want to be trached or have a PEG. He is able to eat whatever he wants (with the help of water to wash it down), he transfers from scooter to chair/commode but anything he does is...
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    Shifting Sands...

    Thanks for the update, Jim. Continued thoughts and prayers for you and Darcy.
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    ARCG, I read your post about hospice and noticed you live in the Houston area. Which hospice...

    ARCG, I read your post about hospice and noticed you live in the Houston area. Which hospice organization do you use and are you pleased with them? We are not quite to that point but I am trying to stay a step ahead by doing some research in that area. Thank you so much for any information you...
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    Brian Flies Free

    So very sorry for your loss, Lenore. I also want to thank you for sharing this thread with us. It is a privilege to walk with you.
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    Trilogy Settings with Progression

    Yes, Karen asked by question better than I did. :) What trends are usually seen on the 4 settings she listed?
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    Trilogy Settings with Progression

    My PALS has been using a Trilogy for the past year. His latest FVC was 26%, with MIP at 20 and MEP at 32. We can tell his weakening muscles continue to affect his breathing, just since Clinic in February. He had some issues with air hunger at night and increasing EPAP from 6 to 8 took care of...
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    Hold on Tight...

    You and Brian are in my thoughts and prayers.
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    Hold on Tight...

    Lenore, Please know I am "walking" with you and that you and Brian are in my thoughts and prayers. Through your posts I see strength and love. May this time also be one of peace and comfort.
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    Protecting Against Heel Sores

    Thank you, Nuts. I just sent you an email.
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    Protecting Against Heel Sores

    My PALS is beginning to feel some sensitivity on his heels due to being in bed longer at night and trying to keep his feet up during the day. I thought about rolling up a towel really tight and placing it under his ankles at night or using a roll pillow. I also know there are boots but wondered...