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    Hi Sooner, It is interesting that you post this, at least to me. I will be two years in December with Jon gone. No insurance just my income now. I work for myself and have great clients. I enjoy my work. BUT there are days I say, I don't want to do anything. And have to drag myself. I am...
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    Sorry to join this club ...

    Buckhorn, Big hugs. Those of us in this group completely understand. One foot in front of the other is the best way to do this walk. Peace is good. Katie
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    Hi my friend, How goes the battle? You doing alright? Spring has finally arrived here in MT...

    Hi my friend, How goes the battle? You doing alright? Spring has finally arrived here in MT. Just wanted to send you good vibes and strength. Katie
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    Where do I belong?

    Hi My friend, My heart goes out to you as I have already passed through this time on this path that you have just begun. I must admit I don't remember most of that first few months (I am at a year and three months). I have asked my daughters about how I did things. Sleep, It is something you...
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    CALS Roll Call Continued

    Howdee there, Sounds like all of you are doing very good with all the challenges and such. I get an email reminding me that I am still signed on to this group. I think of all of you often keeping you in my heart and prayers. Things around here in MT are cold. Storms the last couple of days...
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    What you must take care of after?

    Sooner my dear, I remember asking the same question. Hugs to you. One of the things I found afterwards, and going through the check list was making sure names are on everything, vehicle titles, trailer titles, (Jon had a couple of them for his work and I didn't know there were titles for...
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    I am sending big hugs as well. As Tillie said I am so glad that your work place is able to work with you and such that is wonderful. Will your new furniture arrive for Christmas? That would be a treat for you all. Katie
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    Books that helped me

    Hello my friends, I am listing the books that we have. I want them to go to anyone that feels they would like them. No cost I will just mail them to you. Each of these have helped me through all of this. I hope that others might be able to use them too. The Comfort of Home, A complete guide...
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    Getting through the days

    I was looking back over the posts I had made a year ago. It seems like yesterday but at the same time it feels like forever. Next month will be one year. I am doing better today than I was say about a month ago. Weird things with family and friends continue to happen in particular with Jon’s...
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    Oh Sooner, You are writing just the same things I went through with Jon. I still run into people that I have had to make amends to. I got more disappointed when I eventually went through his emails as well. I wish I hadn't. The computer was the only thing he did so taking it away or locking...
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    Knowing that I missed it and living with it

    Thank you all for your thoughts and advice. I know in my heart and my soul I gave him exactly what he wanted. To be safely and lovingly at home. My therapist yesterday suggested that I picture in my mind building a bridge (I am a visual learner and thinker). A little at a time this bridge will...
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    Knowing that I missed it and living with it

    Here I am going on 9 months since my PALS death I have gone to grief counseling, I see a therapist and I write in my journal. There is the part of me that knows that I did every thing I was suppose to do. But there is the part of me that repeats over and over the night Jon died. I got him...
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    Nobody told me

    Manhattanite, I feel your pain with you. I am so sorry for all that is in our heads when our PALS dies. Like a very very bad movie that keeps playing. My PALS died in December and we waited to have his celebration here in June. It is like I have been put back to square one again. Going back to...
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    Physical and Mental Exhaustion

    Sending you strength in your heart and your body. Kim your husband and mine shared similar backgrounds. Stubborn being a big one. Jon's mind was not right as well (you know this) I ended up putting the potty chair next to the bed. I told him if he wasn't going to use the walker to get into the...
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    Just saying hi

    I wanted to check in with you all to say hello. Today is 5 months since Jon passed away. Hailey turns 16 on Sunday and told me she feels an empty space in her but knows that dad is here in her heart and memories. We found and printed lots of pictures of the two of them for her, (adoption day...