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  • Katie, I am so happy to see you post and to know you are doing ok. I have thought about you and was hoping you were doing ok. Hugs!
    Sorry, you are correct. I was not paying attention to the page. I thank you for moderating these pages.
    KATIENBOYD, I don't see any deleted or moderated messages from your account.
    Welcome Katie,
    You just sent a visitor message to yourself! :)
    I see you've already introduced yourself in the CALS subforum. Well done.
    Hi, New here. We had the EMG Tuesday telling what we already knew ALS. My husband is 59 a hard worker all of his life building homes, cabinets and furniture now he needs help opening a water bottle as well as has to take a nap. His clothes barely fit him. He was 155 in June and today he is 135.2. We sit and try to think when this first showed up. He was tired on a trip in January. The trip to Mexico in April was plagued with leg cramps walking the beach and snorkeling. Then his hike the last week of June and he fell but kept hiking (40+ miles) came home 145 lbs and was not able to put the weight back on. The twitching muscles endless. Loss of strength in his hands in the shop. We are fortunate to have many loving and supportive friends as well as family. Our new normal, getting paperwork out of the way. Making sure everything is signed and notarized. No, we are not dying today, we have things to do and places to go. Smile and loving each day we are given to share together.
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