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  • Im in same boat too know how yoy feel
    I would go to Gp explain you know nor als but still aproblem so can you go to new specialist
    good luck margaret
    Hey, just now noticed the post you left on my profile. Guess I'm slow on the draw. :) Thank you for the supportive words - it's much appreciated. I hope we both find answers soon. Take care.
    Hi Kathy. I am the same. I have lots of twitching that scares me tremendously `:( So I still don't really know anything. Thank you for checking on me!
    Kathy the neurologist at Mass General is a neurosurgeon as they want to rule out cervical myelopathy- his name is Dr. Wilkinson- they told me he will perform the evaluation and then determine whether it is a cervical issue or if I need to be referred to MND doc. I have been wearing the soft cervical collar for 12 hrs/da for the past 7 weeks with no improvement in symptoms and will continue to wear until I am seen by neurosurgeon.
    Well, I learned a good lesson today, at least. This forum is not for asking questions. LOL. I'm just gonna laugh it off. I mean what else can ya do?!
    Hi Kathy,
    Beautiful picture. I'm not doing that well actually. The mestinon isn't really working and my neuro is on vacation... now I have to wait until she gets back to see what she has to say. 30 mg is not doing much of anything and 60 mg was way too much... I dont' know what i think anymore. My speech is nasaly as I can see my soft palate doesn't always move up... :-( Still have no idea what's going on.
    reading posts you don't have it!! best neuro told you that. Believe her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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