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  • Hi Kathy. I encourage you to post on the CALS caregivers forum. You will find people who have and are walking your road. I am not sure that planning on being able to use a stairlift forever is going to work to be brutally honest. Transfers get harder and harder and eventually torso strength goes too. This was recently fiscussed in fact as Heather has been using a stair lift and it is getting harder now
    Hi all, I am new to this community. My hubby was diagnosed with ALS about 3 years ago. Seemed like things were moving along pretty slowly, but now with the legs no longer working and weakness starting in the arms & hands, it seems like things are speeding up. Breathing and speech are still good.
    Does anyone have any tips/suggestions for modifications? We are about to have an upstairs bathroom remodeled so we can have a roll in shower. He uses a stair lift to get upstairs and then a wheelchair to get to the bathroom. When we bought our house 20 years ago, we weren't really thinking about not having a full bathroom or bedroom downstairs. The hubby does not want to move. Looking for helpful ideas for things that worked well for you.
    Thank you in advance for being here and for any ideas you can pass along.
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