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    Delete Post?

    Reply to thread Thanks Super Al. All this looks helpful. Will let you know next time I have a typist after using the software.
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    Delete Post?

    Al, I'm a do-do about using this site. Help Hi Al am glad to see you're still doing good work on this site. my assistant is typing for me, so when I get an answer it might be a few days before i can reply back. A bit ago I asked about voice banking and was given an answer with a site where...
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    Quantum 6000 Motorized Wheel Chair for sale

    q6000 wheelchair Hi, Do you still have this wheelchair? I am 5' 4", do you think it will adjust to that size? I am in Lexington, Kentucky what part of Tennessee are you in? Kathy G.
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    software: Help for speaking

    voice banking and message boards hi I haven"t been on in quite a while as I lost the ability to type. Am now losing my voice and was curious about voice banking. Also, once there was discussion of boards made to communicate needs or pain, etc. My assistant is typing this question for me. Thank...
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    I have a question

    PLS/muscle regeneration Hi, I don't have an answer, just questions. How long was the cast on ur leg? Are you getting ROM ( range of motion exercises? I have PLS & when in bed weeks from illness get petrified from contractions not balanced by ROM. 30 years ago when my arm was in a cast 4 6...
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    Really Scared Now

    symptoms /als/epstein barr Hey, I'm glad some symptoms have abated & your neuro has ideas of other diseases to check out. wish my neuro had done that. Neuro's 1-3 couldn't find the 1 disease ( MS ) they were looking for: neuro #4 said I was perfectly normal--no sluggish F waves, clonus or...
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    Glimmer of hope

    hope/mmn This is wonderful news. I hope your husbands progress continues to wellness. I put MMN in the search section here & it said no matches. what is MMN? kathy lexington
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    time frame

    From other members posts & my own journey It seems eneryone's progression is different. A post months ago from a member in Calif. ( ladave I think ) said he had diagnosis for 7 years & he still dances. I ? if a 1st symptom was fatigue of arms & hands when applauding at concerts---it was odd...
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    cramping Are u doing range of motion ( rom ) exercises. I have cramping of the arms & legs. These exercises help a lot. kathy lexington, ky.
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    Hands and feet

    thin skin amen to that blue & red. A lifetime of callas left my feet long 2 years ago--that alone makes it thinner. My legs mottle red & white at bath time. they never did that b4. can't b helped by pulling on hands as is now painful. kathy ky.
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    Oh, my God! Look what I found!

    what? sorry--been off line a while:confused:. What caught your eye? Wasn't included w/ ur post. kathy lex., ky.
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    any advice?

    undiagnoised Hi, sorry you have so much to deal with. what you describe reminds me of when I had undiagnosised Lyme disease--for 8 years. Have u been checked for that? kathy
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    How your twitches react to...

    twitching hello blizna, like you said we are all different. So far touch doesn't trigger twitches but in the right places it does cause a strong spasm. I taught myself not to be ticklish on the soles of my feet at age 21 since my husband thought it great fun to sit on me & tickle the soles...
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    How "Localized" Is Localized Twitching as an ALS Sign?

    non stop twitching? Hi, Does non stop twitching mean 24 hours non stop or just that the same area twitches on & off forever? My calves do so on & off. Sometimes an individual small muscle I never felt b4 tap dances awhile & never does ( so far ) again. Other times a toe( never had that kind...
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    So confused and depressed.

    lyme meds Hi, I understand what you are going through with Lyme. A wristwatch or earrings felt like they weighed a ton back then. I would have to take them off. I was sick for 8 years when a test came back positive. I was on oral antibiotics for 4 & 1/2 years & it was 6 months before I even...