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    He tells me that just over a year ago he noticed that his speech was altered. I didn't.....
    around June time he developed a stammer
    He saw Neuro after Christmas, tests done which are inconclusive and we are waiting for EMG and nerve conduction studies
    Dad's speech in this time has continued to deteriorate and also his swallow.
    I have not asked to see his tongue, but he tells me that now it is numb and he cannot move it around his mouth.
    He also cannot do things like close off his palate to blow up a balloon.. He was always a nose breather whilst sleeping but not anymore.
    He hasn't had a diagnosis yet so we don't know for sure what's going on.
    I hope you are ok...... I think we must have faith in our doctors and listen to them. They do know what they are doing but it does take time.
    Good luck x x
    Hi, I'm experiencing tongue symptoms, but have no diagnosis, my tongue has gotten smaller too. Could you explain to me your dads small tongue and how his symptoms started. I really appreciate it
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