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  • hi karvin - my symptoms are very like yours- emg shows problems - can walk for 20 mins one day but suffer the following days- am mainly in the house now. problems for 4 years. feels like problem in thoracic spine too . I am due to have biopsy and another emg and single fiber emg soon. I prey I have mg and really understand your need for a diagnosis. but you do need to keep living too. feel free to chat margaret
    Hi karvin,

    I posted on your thread, but it went to moderation. It should be there sometime tonight or tomorrow. We have a 'system' here where posts are sometimes viewed before they appear. You'll get used to that, it is for everyone's protection. There are some strange people out there, who post some pretty awful things if they can.....thus the need for a moderator.

    Welcome to the forum, sorry you are finding a need to be here.

    Hang tough
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