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  • Hello,
    my name is SONIA ABDUL,i am a young beautiful girl with a lovely heart . i saw your profile today and like to be your friend,You can write to me direct in my email( [email protected] ) so that i will send more of my photo to you and tell you more about me.
    ( [email protected] )
    Herniated discs can cause all sorts of problems, depending on the level of the disc that's herniated. They can olso be rather innocuous, as we all have slight herniations. But, you really needed to have a mylegram to get more detail of whether the nerves are being compromised. That, in itself, could be the cause of all your symptoms that you have shared with me. Atrophy, of course, being a significant symptom of a hernisted disc.
    Hi, I hope you can answer my question. I did a search on High arch here and found you. I am having alot of issues right now with twitching and a high arch on that side. I can feel a contracting of the muscle on the bottom of my foot. Can you tell me if that is caused by atrophy? Was your ALS confirmed. I am very scared right now. I see the neuro next week for the first time. I really don't know what else could be causing my strange symptoms!
    Exactly what symptoms do you not attribute to your herniated discs? Please be specific and all inclusive. And do you still have that mylegram? How many neuroradiologist interpretations did you get?Did they show you personally what they could not see(where they would see nerves compromised)?
    Did a neurosurgeon talk to you about it? If so, how many, what did each say?I would love to see it myself,actually. Tell me, if you know, the exact discs that have herniated, and who gave you that information,and the dates(need not be exact).
    I would call what you have foot drop. I have it, too.Mine is different than yours. Have you ever had an MRI of your lower back? Sacrum and lumbar areas. Just curious.
    Canyou walk on your heels?Can you walk on your toes?Now, try this. Stand on your left foot only(next to something you can grab onto so you won't fall)Now, no hands, try and raise your left heel, bearing all your body weight.Repeat this but stand on your right foot. Let me know how you do.
    The reason I asked you about those particular symptoms is because I am so dumbfounded when it comes to MND. I am a home health, hospice RN and visit nursing, private and group homes. The disease processes I deal with are much more common(heart,kidney,lung,cognitive,all types of cancer.MND is considered rare and I have not had a MND patient(10 years).....Wernickes Korsokoff is the rarest I have dealt with.....the ums and lms seem to run the gamut on this sneaky MND!!!!!
    I thought I had a herniated disc...my calf is 1 inch smaller than the other. The EMG shows denervation2+ fibs no fascics. How can they say I don't have ALS. My neuro says every muscle would be denervating, not just gastroc. How were you dx? How long have you been in this stage. How is your walking? Do you have foot drop? I have an inability to raise my heel while I have all my bodyweight on that foot(LEFT)wherecalf atrophy is.
    I get what you're saying about being sensitive to any abnormalties... I only notice an occasional cramp in my other leg or foot at night. Though I tend to micromanage anything that comes up (am I swallowing right today? are my fingers/toes moving fast?). But, so far everything else is normal except that left leg. If you don't mind me asking, how long have you had this dx?
    Hi Tom, I don't know if your dx is still Monomelic Amyotrophy, but I had this dx since January 2010. I've had progressive left leg weakness for about 2 1/2 years, but it seems like it has leveled off ... though it's sometimes hard to judge due to muscle atrophy in my quad. Loss started in my toes and worked up my leg. Sensory nerves only, no pain. I've been approved to head to Mayo and just awaiting scheduling. Had no dx for the first year and a half, had dx of multifocal motor neurophathy (MMN) for the next year, but didn't respond to heavy doses of IVIg. Anyway, thought I would just say hello ... doesn't seem to be that many of out there with this, especially in the leg. ~sheri
    Hey Tom~
    I know your issue's and your thought on adult spinal atophys but your case sounds like CMT? Have you had the test for that? I know that you have looked in to it. Especially since your dad and grandfather had that.
    Take care~
    hi my dad lives in salina ks. i went university of kansas back in the late 70s early 80s
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