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    2 months of hell

    This sounds awful! My father was recently diagnosed and suffered an embolism as well. He has been in the hospital/rehab care for 6 weeks. He is now in a wheelchair and will likely stay there. I think they will have him on thinners forever as well. Take care of yourself.
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    New PLS diagnosis and lots of question

    Hi Bulldog- my father has been recently (tentatively) diagnosed with PLS. He has a foot dragging problem that has resulted in so many falls that he fractured his back this summer. As a result he was sedentary a lot and had a pulmonary embolism. We went to Johns Hopkins today and they are...
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    New here- waiting for diagnosis

    Yes- He has always had essential tremors. They are getting worse probably from the stress he is under due to not being able to walk. At least that is what the doctors are telling us. Where can we find a list of MND specialists? It is so hard to weed out all the names. Right now, he is just under...
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    New here- waiting for diagnosis

    Thank you. He is going to Johns Hopkins to see a specialist for his tremors ( he has always had them, they have just gotten worse as his walking problems arose). Thanks for the advice.