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  • Just trying, sorry for the delay in response...I haven't logged on since June. Whatever I have, it progresses slowly thank goodness. For over 2 yrs. I've experienced muscle pain, weakness, fasciculations, & atrophy. Along with hyperreflexia. To answer your question, yes I believe I have progression albeit slowly. Luckily I have a Dr. who believes me & is open to the fact that something may in fact be wrong. Being "in limbo" is like being caught in a neverending whirlwind, however it's not like I want to have ALS or whatever I have to "declare" itself either. It's hard to know how to feel.
    It really doesn't bother me, but she has posted nastiness on Elaine's page. I reported miss crazy to David. Don't know if it will help. I really hopes she goes away and pesters some other forum.

    thanks for your concern

    Thanks, she reported me and Elaine to David. We will see what comes of it.

    Well I think there are some serious mental problems going on besides the whatever else. Some times you have to tell it like it is, they don't understand otherwise. Thank you.
    Good luck with EMG. Sometimes, you'll get results right away. Certainly, I would be resistive to waiting a month for results - especially when these are known immediately. Let me know how it goes for you.
    I was a vegetarian for decades.... Then after diagnoses wham! Started eating bacon, then turkey... Now mostly anything. I've figured out I was reverting to comfort food of my youth. I've gained 30lbs. My ALS doctor is very happy. Apparently fat PALS live longer.
    Yikes! Do not - do not - wear any lotion anywhere on your body. Even if you really need some for sunburn. If you do, the EMG will be more uncomfortable than need be. It's actually just a tad worse than a bikini line wax job. You'll be fine. I still absolutely believe you do not have ALS! Nikki is a great gal. Praying calms me down too.
    Good luck tomorrow. Remember to bring along your chronological list of symptoms ( need not be overly detailed) and your list of questions. Above all - bring your patience and keep an open mind. You may not get a final answer just yet. Diagnosis of many many treatable ailments can take awhile. I am still very optimistic that you do not have ALS!
    Hi! Thank you so much for your message! It was so good to hear that I am not the only one with a young child! I feel bad sometimes because my 15 yr old pretty much takes care of my 3 yr old! It breaks my heart too! I think the hardest part is the not knowing for sure. Every week I get weaker and unable to do many tasks! I pray to God to give me the strength to wake up and see the positive of my situation. A very wise man once told me to just take one day at a time and be thankful for being able to see a new day! I try to live my life this way BUT that doesn't mean that I don't have days that I question why now and why me! Please feel free to message me anytime and let me know when you receive your diagnosis! Take care!
    Hi! Welcome to the forum. My name is Kim and in a few days on the 9th of June I will be 47. I live in a smal town in Central Illinois and work as a switchboard operator at our local hospital. I have worked there for 24 years now. I have three children. Our twins (boy/girl) will turn 16 in September and our youngest son will be 10 in November. Unfortunately, my husband and I are getting a divorce in a few months or so. We get along great except when were under the same roof. I'm very sad about it. My dad has ALS and it has now been a year since his diagnosis. He is 78. Write and tell me more about yourself. Take care, Kim
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