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  • Justolemom; my wife was diagnosed with foot drop neuropathy after falling and breaking her pelvis. After weeks of physical therapy and many doctors visits for post breast surgery and Heart condition she was diagnosed with ALS. Wife also had EMG on foot drop leg, twice. Not until they did EMG on other leg and back did they diagnois ALS. I would see neurologist again and relate this story.
    Developed foot drop in my left leg Jan.Went to GP who did a big blood work up-all normal.Sent me to neuro-who ordered MRI of lumbar/ thoracic-came back normal.Then sent me for head/neck MRI -normal.Had EMG of legs. Drop foot is left leg-neruo who performed it said peronal nerve neuropathy region of fibular neck.Neuro prescribed PT-foot drop is now worse.Had 2 falls,having difficulty clearing steps/bumps.Legs feel very weak,climbing stairs they feel like dead weight.Cant climb stairs without holding the rail.In PT nerve doesn't fire and engage muscle to dorsiflex my foot.Over past week left thigh has constant twitching, no pain.Getting very scared might be beginning signs of ALS or getting weak because I'm not able to do as much,harder to get around with drop foot.Does any of this sound familiar or like early signs of ALS?Just had EMG of my hands-neuro wanted to widen search because I wasn't improving with the PT.EMG showed pinched nerve of elbow and carpel tunnel.
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