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  • Hey there, Chip,

    Well, you're at the right place, sadly. So welcome to the club, and feel free to ask questions, voice concerns, offer your support, rant if you need to......we have a thread for everything. If you don't see one that fits your 'thought', just make a new one.

    As you must have read already, people are here to help each other, and we are all here and connected for the same reason. We are the only ones who can relate to each other, as most people don't have a clue about als.

    Whether you wind up having this or something similar (or hopefully something treatable), the people here will offer all the support and encouragement they can.....as long as you are genuine and are willing to listen to the advice you are being given.

    Just choose a member, post a visitor message on their profile page, or post on the main board like you did.

    Hang tough,
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