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  • Checking on you and your husband, have not heard much from you lately. I love your photo, it is one of my favorite.. Hope you are doing ok..
    Hey Judy!!
    How are you doing? I haven't seen much activity from you and just wanted to check on you. How is your husband doing? My mom is in the process of getting a pwc. Unfortunately, she seems to be declining quicker than I expected.
    Anyway, let me know what's going on with you,
    Take care, and keep in touch.
    Love and hugs,
    Hope your weekend is off to a great start. I am supposed to go to the outdoor symphony concert tonight with my boss and his wife. I'm trying to get myself up for it - but seems pretty hopeless. Hope you're having a better attitude day than I am! Mary
    Hey Just J i just noticed that you accepted my friend request ...thats great i cant wait to get to know you ... im new to this forum i do facebook here which is great to keep in touch with my kids but this is so good to relate to others facing MND /ALS im confused we call it MND here in OZ (Australia )... anyway im 48 years young had my children early and they make sure i keep semi cool ... i live with my amazing partner who works but cares for me as well (mum helps out too ) ... i have a pretty full life and really do what i please these days (when i have the energy haha )... im trying to find my way around the forum so am hoping you get all this !! :) hear from you soon i hope :=) karen
    HI Just J my name is karen i have just joined the forum and am hoping to link up with new friends ... thus i have sent you a friend request in the hope that you are interestested in becoming my friend ... i got the impression from your messages that your husband suffers from ALS if so it would be great for my partner to chat to you thru me ... he is the best in this awful sitch that this illness can dish out but he has no support or any one to chat tyo about his multifaceted role ... i live in Australia and have 2 georgous grown up kids and it would be great to link up with you ... hope to hear from you soon :))) KAREN
    Thank you Judie,

    The day was very nice, But oh my, so cold and windy! I hope you all are ok, let me know how things are. ((hugs))
    Thank you girl!! Lets just hope it is drama free so as to actually enjoy it!!
    Hugs, Kari
    Yes Kari. It was great!! I have pics posted on Facebook but can't figure out how to do it here. I completed the 5k in 37 minutes, below my personal best so I was happy with that result. Feels good.
    How'd it go at the ALS clinic?
    I've been enjoying reading your posts! You have a wonderful perspective and attitude!
    That's great that not only is Mike's appt sooner, but that you found out in time LOL. I intend to reply to your earlier private message, just have not had a chance to yet. :)
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