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  • No you didn't that I can see! Your message showed up on my page just fine. :) I will start praying now to get the publishers ready for you! Best of luck Judy!
    You are sweet:) Yes, that counts! Got my results back Friday from my echocardiogram....it's all good. The pain is still the same. Thank you for asking. The meds keep it mainly under control. We decided last week to close our cookie and ice cream shop after eight years in business. The Lord has been preparing me, and He has given me peace. I am going to my writer's conference on May 20th, and there will be big Christian publishers I can meet with. Maybe the Lord will open a door to get this book published that He has put on my heart. If it comes to your mind, please pray:) I hope everything with you is well!!!! Hugs back at ya!
    Hi Judy! Happy belated Birthday! I apologize for missing the day but I did get the season! Does that count? How are you doing? How is your arm Dear? Let me know.
    Hugs to you!

    Much better than last week:) I am going to that heart doctor sometime in the next week or so! Excited because I know he will stay with me until we figure out what is wrong!!
    Wel, he's not home yet but it will be great. Same to you Judy! Happy Valentine's Day! :) How are you feeling?
    I know it is not ALS or MS. Mainly left arm pain since Sept. On pain pills 24/7 for that. I have three finger tips numb. This week I have been very dizzy...feeling like I'm walking around like a drunk person. I could not control my body temp for an hour or so this week, went from hot to cold, cold to hot, but no fever. Then a blustering head ache that pain pills could not touch all day till @ 5 p.m. Lots of memory issues too. Girl, I could write a book. My doctor today said she did not have a diagnosis and did not really know what the next step is.

    My husband has a heart doctor that wants to see me. I have talked to him on the phone when all this started, but I think I will call him again to see what he has to say:)
    Actually, after my first EMG it was determined that it was ALS. I went for two mor opinions just to make sure. What are your other symptoms my Dear Judy?
    Hi Judy Pie! Weakening in legs recently but all important parts are still working well. I hope you can get it figured out and fixed soon! Being in pain is truly a pain! No pun intended. Take care Toots!
    Hi there Beautiful! Yes, Lots of doctors don't have much in the way of a personality or common sense. Jerk. I've had three like that and they were all neurologists. Sheesh! Sorry you're in pain Judy! I hope you can get some relief! I'm doing very well all things considered. Had a swallow test today which showed a slight problem but not serious at this point. Hey, rant away Dear One! We're all in this together you know!
    Hi Judy! I love it when things like that happen. A power greater than us has a hand in everything. xoxo! It's a beautiful morning! Have a great day Sweets!
    True Judy, something's wrong. I hope you figure it out soon Sweet Heart. I'll have you in my prayers.
    Ouch! Very painful I imagine. I have a little arthritis in my neck and that's bad enough! Why do you mention your heart Judy? What are your symptoms? Your Thanksgiving cruise sounds wonderful though! Very generous of your Dad! ;) We are blessed.
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