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  • It's good to hear from you Judy! I'm still percolating away! Get my phrenic nerve tested next Tuesday to see if it's strong enough for a DPS. So say a little prayer for me, will you? I wish you joy and peace. Hugs to you Judy!
    I'm doing pretty good Judy! How have you been? My hub's mom passed away yesterday unexpectedly. We're trying to get Brad to MN on Thursday morning coming back that evening and me caregivers for that day so we're a bit frazzled!

    So how have you been doing?
    Dear Judy,
    Thank you for writing back.
    How did you administer the morphine to your mom please? Mom will not get a feeding tube.
    Hi Judy
    Please let me know if your mom suffered without a ventilator. My Mom does not want a feeding tube, nor a ventilator. She is quickly "declining", loosing more weight. Hoping for the best. Praying for it.
    Judy, you are a warm and loving woman. God bless you. I just got back from Reno last night and am pooped. A group of PALS and CALS met there for a few days. Talk about a love fest!
    Hi Judy, and thank you! Its been a while since I have visited here, finding my through dealing with my diagnosis and what it means for me and my family. I have been writing a blog and really focusing on my experience and emotions but now I am ready to connect with others who are going through this as well.

    I'm not sure exactly how this site works yet, but I will browse here and there to figure out where I might fit in.

    Thanks for welcoming me in :)
    Hi Judy! We did have a quiet and nice Christmas! Snow too on Christmas Eve!! We went to candle light service and when we came out everything was white! We had just the two of us for Christmas Eve and Day. Then we had gifts on Thursday with my Step Son, Daughter in Law and Grandson. Brad just took the tree down today and is busy putting the decorations away. I'm glad you had a good Christmas and were blessed with opportunities! I'll check your pictures.
    Hugs to you Judy!
    But you can still follow your dreams Judy! Just not full time. Or maybe you can keep your camera with you and see beauty in every day things. You can still follow your passion. Maybe just not the way you imagined. God is telling you to find your passion and pride in what ever you do.
    Well my good friend, I can see what God's trying to tell you. There is nothing wrong with a job just to pay the bills. People do it all the time. You can always find something to feel pride in and passionate about in cleaning houses, waiting tables at Denny's, working in a grocery store, a church office, a children's shelter, any job. There is no shame or lack of passion in any job if your head, heart and work ethic are in the right place.
    Hi Judy! I'm getting weaker in the legs but still talking, swallowing and breathing fine. I'm in good spirits and well taken care of. My Mom is here until 12/08 and then will head for the Dallas/Fort Worth TX area where I have my brother and three of my sisters. Brad and I will stay in Colorado for and maybe go to Estes Park for Christmas. I'll be going to TX for Mother's Day. How are you Judy?

    I write romance. That's what I've sold as well. It's hard for a new writer without a 'degree' in a condition to find traditional publishing on self-help kind of thing, unfortunately, but that doesn't mean impossible!

    I'm not sure what kind of questions they are meaning for you to add. Answers to FAQ kind of thing?

    I'd include some good web links too, personally. Best of luck with it!

    You don't know me, but what do you write? After an initial slow period, my books started selling pretty well. I did them myself after making next to nothing with the ones that publishers had contracted. Might be something to consider
    It was a good meeting! I blew a 102. Down a smidgen but a good number none the less. I hope my progression stays slow! So far so good. Sleep well Judy!
    So far doing well Judy! :) I am a little weaker but in good cheer and still breathing, swallowing and speaking okay. I have a Pulmo appt later today and feel strong. Yes, the leaves are turning already and it's beautiful! I love the Autumn too. I hope you are doing well Sweet Judy! Did you get your book published yet?
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