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  • Hi Judy,
    So wonderful to hear from you. I lost use of my hands very early,I'm just losing my voice now, so that is much harder. I miss eating a lot. But I'm still here, so praise The Lord for that
    Hey Judy,
    Great to hear from you. You made my day! I was worried about you.
    I do like PCD.
    Hi there Judith. I am in Tahoe and tomorrow I am meeting up with a few of the forum members. It's so exciting. We all have a lot to talk about. I do sometimes visit the Christian forum, but mainly still stay away. I was deeply hurt and confused by many people. Those people have all but left after David warned them and banned a couple, but I didn't feel that I had a lot to offer. My Christian walk is going well, I am busy at both church and I have a brilliant house church I attend, which is very loving and supportve. Love you Aly and thank you for those wonderful words.
    Just wanted to pop in briefly and say a big hello Judith. I do miss the forum at times, but try to keep away. Hugs
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