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  • JStanz, It's so difficult to predict which symptoms might be ALS and which ones are some other issue.
    For me swallowing was my 1st indication, but I had no idea. It resolved itself and then my speech started to sound funny. I noticed it way before my wife did, but when I talked to other family members who aren't around me as much, they noticed a change too. It was not so much how words were pronounced but how I was talking slurred, like I had had a few too many drinks.
    See a neurologist, regardless of what is happening they will get to the bottom of it.
    I'll happily answer more questions, but I'm sure I won't satisfy your fears.
    Hello Joe,
    I started to have food come out my nose several years ago. In fact it's difficult for me to place a year, but I would guess 2003 or 4. Food used to get stuck in my esophagus and at times would come out my nose too.
    The worst was while eating a taco, I had LETTUCE come out my nose, it was disgusting.
    I had to keep a beverage close by to wash the food down my throat.

    I was diagnosed with GERD and started to take a omeprazole (Prilosec) once per day. That helped after just a couple of months and no more food has come out of my nose nor does it get stuck in my esophagus.
    If I have issues after taking that I use gaviscon or some similar OTC medication for heartburn/GERD.

    I do not believe there was any relation between the food coming out my nose and my current diagnosis of ALS. Too many years between the symptoms.

    What are you taking for your GERD?
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