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    Does your ALS Clinic have a case manager that can help or can you access the ALS Society to have someone advocate for you. Workers Comp in Canada cannot cut you off if you are unable to work at your regular job. Your new diagnosis should also not affect your Workers Comp Claim. Your family...
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    Crazy Symptoms

    Your local doctor should be able to get you an emergency neurology referral at a Canadian Hospital. Your health care provider may not pay for a US consult. I was seen within two days at neuro clinic and admitted to hospital the same day as they saw me for the urgent referral for more testing...
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    Crazy Symtoms Update-Comments Welcome

    Start with a visit to Emergency or your family doctor to get some tests done. It will put your mind at ease if they test you and don't find anything.
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    Salsa Success

    Thanks Rose - we are competing in a BBQ competition this weekend - I am not letting anything stop me from things that we have planned. Pork Butt, brisket, chicken and ribs and a chance to cook at the Jack Daniels if we win.
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    Salsa Success

    Recipes posted Sorry for the delay - it has been a rough week health wise. Enjoy the recipes Canajun Salsa 4 cups of Roma tomatoes, seeded and chopped coarsely 1 Jalapeno peppers, sedded and chopped finely ½ cup each of red and green bell peppers, diced ¼ cup Maui onion, chopped finely...
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    Husband has pneumonia

    I have had pneumonia five times - the last time last September (diagnosed April 08 with ALS). I know that for me when I was still able to cough normally it felt good and I got better much more quickly getting all the phlemg and gunk coughed up and out. Hope your husband is feeling better...
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    Salsa Success

    actually it is chili verde - a chili made with green chili and usually pork or chicken. It is green in colour and can have tomatoes added (in Colorado they do). I actually prefer it to traditional red. I will post recipes for both of these by Monday as they are not on my laptop and I have to...
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    Salsa Success

    Thank you so much - I am determined to bring home the gold for Canada - in 2002 my husband was 2nd in the World in Chili Verde with my recipe and I have twice finished in the top 20 in salsa. Will keep you posted as I am very determined to win.:twisted:
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    Salsa Success

    With the help of my husband and daughter for some of the finer cutting, as well as using a dicer machine that I got from Wallymart I managed to win the Montana State Championship this past weekend. In doing so I qualified to cook at the World Chili Championships in Vegas in October. This win...
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    An option might be to have the brother that has ALS have the SOD-1 (genetic blood work testing) done to see if the type of ALS he has is familial and make decisions from there if your husband needs to be tested as well. I am presently going through this process and once we have the results we...
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    Seriously worried i could have ALS!

    Yes Harry you did come across as rude but = whatever - I do have ALS and have had to see five different nerologists in the course of my diagnosis. It is really important that you seek proper medical help rather than looking for online diagnosis. While the people here can tell you their opinions...
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    Dx'd with herniated disc and stenosis, but symptoms keep progressing.

    When I started journey towards getting a prognosis in March of this year I was told by a sports medicine doctor that I either had a herniated disc or ALS - I was voting for the disc but it has turned out to be very agressive ALS. I had a fall in November onto my right knee that never really...
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    Question of ethics

    Well said Al, I have already made the arrangements to donate my body to our medical school - as you say if it can help one person not suffer and go through what I am it will be worth it.
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    Seriously worried i could have ALS!

    Then you should request a referral to a neurologist who specializes in ALS to put your mind at ease.
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    Seriously worried i could have ALS!

    Have you seen a doctor about your symptoms?