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  • Js, just checking to see how you doing. Hope your clinic/consultation appt went well and are out of the ALS shadow.
    Best wishes, Erica
    Erica, the aspiration started a year ago and the shortness of breath when I exert started 6 months ago. 10 years ago my major problem was fatigue and muscle pain...that's why the dermatomyositis diagnosis. But then much later, the other started. National Jewish believes I still have dermatomyositis, but think it is possible something else is also going on.
    I truly am trusting God on this. When we know, we know. Thanks for posting and have a great day.
    Stay positive! If your first symptoms started in 2000, it would be very unusual for bulbar to take 10 years to develop.
    Same goes for axial onset.
    I think it might be something else and your docs will need to dig deeper.
    Stay strong and keep in touch.
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