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  • Hi this is the first I've been on in about 5 months and I feel better mentally for it! I still have most of the symptoms yet they aren't stopping me working or living! By the sound of it you are having a tough time personally and your wife's health scare can't be easy to deal with! Do you think all the worry is having an effect on you? The speech thing I have is my most worrisome symptom which is persistent but not any worse now than a year ago after my lyme ordeal !
    Hi, Justin.

    I prefer that health conversations be done in the forum so everyone can benefit from them.
    Hi i had the antibiotics for 30 days but nothing improved i have also been told by my doctor that my vi t b12 is really low and been on booster injections for a couple of weeks now . My speech is still off difficulty saying s and words with ce in it such as face comes out like faith �� tongue nips also my leg pain and and twitches still there as well not sure what to do myself ! Waiting to see what comes of it i suppose
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