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  • Hi, jp! Just read you're starting the DP. I'm wondering how you're going to manage the Intravaneous injection? Is your dr going to administer that weekly for you? And, if so, do you need to obtain the supplement or does your dr obtain it? I'm toying with starting the DP but don't know how to go about this portion of it.
    I have very stiff legs escpecially when I am cold or nervous. Nothing seems to help. Maybe the Baclofen would have but it made me so tired and the neck pain was unbearable.
    Hey I read that you traced your neck pain to Baclofen. I have been having neck pain off and on for the last 6 months. I have recently been very tired also. My nuero suggested weaning off the Baclofen to help with the tiredness. I sure hope that it helps with the neck pain too.
    Did you have bad stiffness without the Baclofen, if so are you taking anything now for that.

    Thanks !
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