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  • im sorry i must of got confused. i can feel his hurt and pain being that closer to someone you feel so attached to i believe would be a normal reaction .but you live with him and know him better then anyone have you suggested counseling or going to see a doctor to see what he has to see .i dont believe his mom would want him to quit living ,and having fun .his love is shown to her and that basically is all he can do .and i know it sucks i hear my wife say and cry about not being able to fix this .this disease is horrible and it affects the whole family .i pray he gets some peace back in his life before he totally snaps iwill be praying for you guys
    this illness we are suffering from at times makes us feel alone different and if the speech is invovled its very difficult to say the words you once could.has he always felt that way before diagnoses ?when was he diagnosed? alot of changes take place in are minds and body were really scared or it could be were afraid of getting to close to loved ones because we have been told this is a death sentence .and yes i went through that period in the beginning .im on lexapro which helps me alot to intervene with family and not feel so alone .tell him he will be fine but discuss this matter openly with your nurologist im praying for you all godbless
    Hi Josie, Oh hun, I am so sorry that things are getting so bad for you guys. Why do people have to be like that and make things twice as hard for everyone else? Its just not right hun! How is your husband doing? Please give him a hug from me. Tell him I understand, my dad has ALS too. It is horrible to watch your parent suffer. You sweets are such a blessing to the family, thank God for you hun! You hang in there, and please try and come back more often. We have missed you! We are here for you anytime hun. Hugs to you too!!! Kari
    oh yur family is in my prayers .i really cant tell you why but im glad your there for her i know its hard but this is about love .as for her daughter maybe she sences death may not be far away and cant bare with it all take it different .i pray that gods grace comforts all of your souls and leads you to what is right and give you the strength to carry on godbless you guys jeff and debbie
    Hi Josie, I am so sorry for what you are going through... I am thinking of you and I pray the lord will give you both the streangh you need...hugs, Linda
    My dearest brave soul,
    I have my arms around and I am carrying your heart in my heart.
    Prairie courage and love to you and yours,
    Kay Marie
    Hi Joise thank you for your kind words, I hope that you are okay. Hope to speak soon C x
    Hey Josie! Thank you so much for your note. I try very hard not to cry...I can't cry with my immediate family, they have no patience with it. Crying in front of my mom upsets her so much... I'm not sure why I try so hard not to cry when by myself. It's like it makes me angry or something. I am sorry to hear that you are having such a hard time with your family members concerning your MIL. That must be really tough, especially when you have your MIL's best interest at heart and others do not seem to. I send many prayers your way and hope that it helps. Take care of you and scream my way anytime you need to! Much love and many hugs!!!!! Linda
    lovely o hear from you? PLEASE do post photos of your flowers......;;;;
    How are you and yours?
    My son and DIL coming tomorrow for 5 days. He has really changed since I have been diagnosed. Before , he contacted me but rarely but now takes the time to visit often:)
    Love you dear friend
    I love your posts, I am glad we are now official friends too! If you ever need anything, you just ask!!....Hugs, Kari
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