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  • That EMG is completely normal and shouldn't worry you in the least. All of those "N's" in every column means normal. The stray 1+ under the "Fasciculation column" isn't surprising, given your calves are twitching. The 1+ under the "HF column" means absolutely nothing. Listen, you have twitches like everyone else on the planet. Your twitches just seem to be a little more frequent (or that's how you have described them) . . . but so are my twitches. Basically you have above average number of twitches, which doesn't mean abnormal in any way . . . just like being above average in height doesn't mean someone is abnormal. Relax, you're going to be just fine.
    Hi wright, thanks for the explanation! I have uploaded the EMG.

    My calfs and feet are still going crazy 24/7 even though I have taken some time off work to meditate and have been getting massages daily.

    Let me know your thoughts.
    Thanks alot
    When you're logged-on, there is a list of options on the toolbar towards the top of the page. Click on "User CP" Once you do that, there will be a drop-down list. Scroll down until you see "Pictures and Albums" It is there that you can attach all kinds of things on your home page
    Relax . . . you don't have ALS. I'm not at all sure what brought you here in the first place, because your story isn't even close to the story of someone with ALS. If me looking at your EMG will finally put things to rest, then sure, I'll look at it.
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