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    Diagnosed with ALS on 9/22

    We didn't discuss nuedexta, but I will ask him. My swallowing isn't horrible. I have tongue weakness and tongue atrophy. If I take small bites and take my time, I'm ok (for now).
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    Diagnosed with ALS on 9/22

    Again, I know that I'm new to this. But with having symptoms (slurring) for almost 20 months I'm hoping for slow progression. Perhaps, isolated bulbar ALS? Or, better yet, a change to my dx to Primary Lateral Sclerosis. A girl can dream and pray, right? 🙏
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    Diagnosed with ALS on 9/22

    I also received this lyme test and have a message in to the neuro to discuss. I guess it's inconclusive?
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    Diagnosed with ALS on 9/22

    yes. We're moving. I'm working on setting up appointments with the ALS clinic in Tucson (part of the University of Arizona). We're going to snowbird. My Milwaukee neuro thinks that's great. I have an appt set up for May 2023 in Milwaukee.
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    Diagnosed with ALS on 9/22

    I had my neuromuscular specialist appt today at Froedtert/the Medical College in Milwaukee and am waiting for labs for confirmation of exclusion of other diseases. However, the neurologists feel very strongly that I have ALS. After their very thorough exam, they said I have both upper and...
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    Intermittent Slurring for 18 Months

    Here are the actual EMG and Nerve Conduction tests. I see the doctor made handwritten changes and I don't know what he means?? I also had to ask the neuro to correct the summary that I posted previously as he referred to an area as "left upper" and it was "right lower." I have limited faith...
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    Intermittent Slurring for 18 Months

    Good evening. I have attached four files that summarize the results of my EMG and nerve conduction test. All in all, it's not horrible (in my opinion). Looks like I may still have ALS (or some motor neuron disease), but most of my nerves look good (for now). I'm still seeing a neuromuscular...
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    Intermittent Slurring for 18 Months

    Thank you, Kim. Everyone here is so kind and I appreciate each of you. This is a fight that none of us want, but it gives me a great sense of community to be able to exchange messages here.