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  • Hi I think you were asking azgirl but it is easier for me to type so.... Simply open the subforum on which you wish to post General discussion or whatever. You will see the list of threads for that section. The new thread button is on the top left section. You can't start a thread from the main page
    Quick question ...how do I start a thread? I do not see where to do that? Do I need a different membership form?

    I am having a blonde moment.
    I am now mixing it with choco boost. It is tough to choke down. Overall, I have less twitching and cramping. However, eating this the rest of my life is pretty depressing.
    Just took my first dose of Luna son. It wasn't that bad, but I can see how it will get bad when you are up the dosage. How are you doing with that?
    I have not received my shipment yet, I contacted Kayla and will be ordering this weekend. Thanks for the update. Bet it is a relief to slow The twitching!
    That's good to hear. I hope today is more of the same for you. Thanks so much for keeping me updated!
    Thanks or the contact, I will give her a call. Would like to keep in touch with you about the Lunasin.
    Hi Jocelyn, where did you order your lunasin? I am thinking about giving it a try.
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