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  • Thanks, I just saw your message and most say today it was needed. I have been staying off the computer and trying not to read anything that makes me more nervous. But today is a hard day and I just needed something. Glad to read your message.
    I posted in your thread but they deleted it. Wanted to reach out and let you know I have pretty much all of your symptoms: the poor coordination/sluggishness in the hand, the awkward walk, muscle twitches all over though most frequently in my calves/feet and especially on my right side, tingling in my legs, and sometimes shortness of breath.
    I've had the shortness of breath thing for almost 20 years. I'm 37. It comes and goes.But the feeling of weakness on my right side is very strange. When I went to the doc she did all sorts of strength tests and everything came out fine. I haven't been to a neuro. I don't actually have problems with lifting stuff, my hand/wrist/fingers just feel weak and/or tired.Same with my leg/ankle/foot on the rt side.
    Have you noticed that one hand is weaker than the other when you wake up, but then as the day goes on it gets normal?
    Just wanted to say you aren't alone in this. If you get a diagnosis or any insights, let me know. And I'll do the same.
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