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    Matress trouble

    My husband shoulders are pretty much just bone now. He is side sleeper and is experiencing a lot of pain from laying that way. Is there anything we can try to protect his shoulder so he can still sleep on his side? We have tried wedges and that is so hard to get him in comfortable position...
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    Hello there, I am currently a caregiver for my veteran who has been diagnosed with ALS. We have 2 children ages 9 and 8. Due to unfortunate circumstances that has happened, we had to tell the children that their dad will eventually pass away from this disease. That was about 3 weeks ago...
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    Trying to Get a VA Appointment

    In our experience, everything went really fast. It's like they bumped us to the head of the line. However, my husband and I do not even bother with the clinics as it takes forever to get into them. We go directly to the VA hospital which is about a 5 hour drive. So far, the VA staff is...
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    Mixed emotions

    He has lost most of his function in just the right hand and the muscle atrophy in the right upper arm. His legs are feeling a little weak and awkward. Breathing and swallowing are great. Right now we have been busy with appointments and getting his care team in place. We have been filling...
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    Mixed emotions

    Hi there. Some of you may know Sprawl. He is my husband and was diagnosed with ALS in January. I have so many emotions varying from day to day. Part of me just hopes that this diagnosis was a mistake. Like this can't be happening right now. I also get angry because this is my best friend...