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  • hi...thanks for commenting. i didn't mean to sound *****y about the # of views to the # of comments; just feeling alone through all this. thanks for noticing me, jlynn6212. the things i listed are difficult to do...again trying to change to a "glass is half full" person...it's not too late.

    i found the forum in 2010. it sounded like most people on here are further along than i. it scares me. i have to stay in denial lots of the time.

    this all began in left hand 4+ years ago...very slowly developing symptoms in right hand now. i believe the difficulty the neurologists have with a definate diagnosis is because my reflexes are good and i have no pain. in fact, i think i'm going to start a thread regarding that...maybe someone will have some ideas.

    als, pma, hiriyama have been suggested; but definately an mnd. new neurologist tomorrow.

    thanks again for commenting!
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