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    Adventures in Utah: Winter 2022

    Love the pics! My daughter just moved to Salt Lake City so I’m looking forward to visiting and going to Zion. Looks beautiful!
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    Jimi….your awesome and inspiring.
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    Dad refusing to see more doctors

    I had to jump in here as my brother, after 2 trips to clinic (2 hours away) firmly decided he didn’t want to go again. First off the ride was long (2 hours each way) and uncomfortable and second he said “ I don’t need anyone to tell me my progression. I know exactly what’s happening”. He saw...
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    Healey trial update video

    Thanks Tillie. I still lurk in the background! I’ll always feel a connection here to all of you wonderful people.❤️
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    Healey trial update video

    Very happy to say that my Zinnias for ALS this summer was able to donate $1895.25 to the Healey Center for ALS😊
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    Siri's mom

    What a beautiful way to go for her Siri. Her loving and devoted daughter holding her hand as she took her last breath. My thoughts are with you.
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    Brian Wallach

    Wow. That was so moving. It really hits the heart. Let’s hope it hits theirs. Thank you for sharing Nikki.
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    Brian’s wife

    I’m so sorry for your loss Brian. She’s now free of the beast.
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    sh** is getting real

    You are truly an inspiration. Peace to you Jessie.
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    who would have believed

    Chris was so blessed to have such an amazing woman. I’ll be thinking of you as you navigate your day. Although time does help to heal you mentally I’m sure that Chris shaped hole in your heart is forever. Not necessarily in a bad way but there none the less. Think of the great and funny things...
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    Bird Watching

    Oh Nona....I see you have greedy little bears near you too here in NH. I haven’t put mine away yet but the time is near. Little buggers hit every feeder in the neighborhood last year. I bought a window feeder in hopes that I can keep the birds coming. I love watching the birds! Love the pics...
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    One piece down

    Making your new home to your taste will be fun! I think it’s special that it was your Moms home. I wish you nothing but the best Jrzygrl.
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    Daytona Beach Shores

    Beautiful.....both yourself and the sunrise.
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    ALS Activism for Former CALS

    I can’t say in reference to losing a spouse but I was the caregiver of my younger brother and for me personally I feel that once ALS has touched a persons life in such a way it is forever part of you. Not necessarily in a bad way. I still get emotional when I think of the awfulness of the...
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    Dance, Darcey, Dance!

    Thinking about you Jim. I hope your doing ok.