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  • Hi :)
    I fear so too, I did not get a reply to email from them, so do not know how to interpret that. You probably saw that he hasn't logged in since the end of January :( I will let you know if I hear anything xxx
    Hi Jlynn, I haven't heard anything, but have certainly been thinking of Pete a lot. He hasn't signed in here since 19th :( I will let everyone know immediately if I do get word from them? hugs
    Sorry I wasn't in personal contact with KW, but I also noticed the long time since log in. I try to get PALS to give me, or any other member they are comfortable with a contact with another family member for notification. :)
    Indeed, you know nothing. About me. Or Al.
    But that doesn't stop you from making assumptions and accusations, does it?

    It's quite revealing that you keep saying this isn't a battle you choose to pick, and yet you're the one that started it.

    You have a good day, o passive-aggressive one!
    While I'm sure the mods duties are huge and not something I would personally want to take on I at least know that about myself. I know nothing about you but I can only assume that you have been a mod for too long by the anger that comes through in your words. I'm not sure that it helps people on the forum when you react the way you do. You seem to be the only mod that insults and corrects grammatical errors. No need to respond as if I see another angry message from you I won't even give it the time of day. Good day to you.
    You my friend sound like a VERY angry person. Again, although you bully and insult my intelligence I wish you a very lovely day. And again, you are not a battle I choose to pick.
    oh, for Christ's sake! Why do I get the nut jobs?!?

    Bully? Srsly?

    You, OTOH, are either incredibly ignorant or, hopefully, simply a naive buttinski.

    --> Exactly when did I bully you??

    O, wait! I didn't! I simply answered your ignorant and uncalled for accusation!

    And I did it without sarcasm or derision. Which you now so richly deserve.

    Do you even know what a Mod's duties are? Do you even know what a Mod is??
    Evidently not: we don't get to 'change the channel' from rule violations, as you (naively?) suggested.

    Again, if you see me violating the rules, *including bullying*, report me. That should be something you find appealing!

    Report me to David, the owner, he owes me nothing, so any 'Mods stick together' conspiracy theory you dream up won't apply.

    Good luck!

    BTW, feel free to contact Al before you embarrass yourself further.
    ps. It's ' you're ' and not ' your '.
    Wow...you kind of sound like a bully. Your way or no way. That's fine. I'll just avoid you but you will NOT bully me,off this forum. Have a lovely day Greg. Your not an important battle I choose to pick.

    Thanks for your opinion. As a Mod I try to keep things compliant with Forum rules.

    As such, when 'opinions' turn into attacks, or when trouble makers feel compelled to dredge up old business, as *you* did, or when people hijack other's threads, again as *you* did, its the Mod's responsibility to quell it.

    If you feel *I'm* violating Forum rules, report me.

    But remember this Forum isn't a democracy, and you're free to leave.
    Jlynn, I am messaging you because I cannot post an advice in other threads not not being a full-on member. There is about a 90% change my husband will be Dx'd with ALS this week or very soon.

    Here is my thought on your brother, go to him and if you can within your beliefs tell him you respect his choice but love him and want to help out with anything else you can help with, that might be a good thing. I don't think the issue is his choices so much as that he feels he has to isolate himself to make those choices. If you can help get him past that idea you will all feel better. My husband is also a no Peg/Chair guy who said he would seek death with dignity when the time came, so I wanted to reply to you. I am so sorry this is happening to you and your family.
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