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  • Thank you, this is her friend Tiffany, she actually put a wind chime on a small metal stick and stuck it in a large Styrofoam block and he could nudge the chime with his foot. Worked great and was very inexpensive. He could not speak at all at that point and sadly he passed on July 20th.
    Hi jlm,

    I saw your post asking for ways your husband can contact you during the night. Can your husband still speak relatively clearly? If so, there are a couple of options that may work for you.

    There is Echo from Amazon. It costs $50. With that, you can call your cell phone by just saying "Alexa, call jlm."

    The option I use, is a computer with Dragon – a voice recognition software – installed. With it, I can place calls to my wife by simply saying "call Kathy."

    This set up has worked very well for us. During the day she can go shopping and run errands. Any problems arise, I can call her and she will be home in a few minuets.

    I don't know how clearly your husband's speech is, but other than that our situations appear to be quite similar. Except for the partial of one finger, I have no movement of my body from the neck down. I am also on a BiPAP during the night and my wife sleeps in another room.

    Best of luck,
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