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  • Hello Jksw15,

    Reading your posts, and the replies you received, you then turned right around and ask the same question again! You are indeed a hypochondriac. Recognize that fact about yourself, and get you mind on to something else.....like LIFE!

    You don't seem to realize that twitches do not constitute als all by themselves. And, you are young, strong, and highly unlikely to have this disease. Hope to God that you don't!

    As everyone has said, very politely I might add, listen to your Dr.s. Stop dwelling on als. Continue with your life and be very, very happy that you more than likely DO NOT have als.

    IF, you do that, wait for another year or so, and you still have additional symptoms, including muscle atrophy, drop foot, slurring of speech.....those types of symptoms, then by all means, see a specialist.

    Everyone here wishes you well, but you make us crazy with your unwarranted insistence.

    Hang tough.
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