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  • Hello, this is my first post. My husband was diagnosed onMarch of 2014 with bulbar ALS. Like most of you I knew nothing about this dreadful horrible disease. I am a Speech /therapist threfore, I had an idea what he could possibly have. My husband , had not been sick a day in his life other than seasonal allergies. He is a strong, proud man and coach.
    Since then, he is on a feeding peg, he had lost 25 pounds. He is on rizole, neudexta dn hysoyne.. As for me, I work daily. Sold our house and got a new job closer to family and medical assistance for when the time comes. I do not think I am prepared for his daily caregiving. For what lies ahead in our future with this disease. I pray daily for guidance and comfort. If anyone has any advice in what I need to do to prepare for his declinikng health and future please help me. If you have any advice how I can be strong and survie this , again please guide me. To all the caregivers and family and patients of ALS, I say God Help us All!
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