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    The Pepsi Refresh grant opportunity is rapidly coming to a close and ALS Guardian Angels needs your vote. They are currently 34th in the running for a $50k grant so PLEASE vote and forward the link to all your family and friends.
    You're welcome and I hope you have good days too, nice to have you as a forum friend!
    Hi Jim, it is more complicated than it should be isn't it? So go to your profile page by clicking on your name beside Welcome, (actually you are already there if you are reading this, sorry a duh moment), under Friends click on Edit Your Friends List and then you should see my request (I think). Make sure that you click on the check box beside my name and then click on Save Changes. That should do it, I hope, I know that I have had problems with it because the check box beside the friends name or avatar (I forget how it is exactly) is not obvious.

    Let me know if that doesn't work and I'll look again.

    Thanks Jim for your answer...just started to think about looking for the wheel chair...Linda
    G'day Jim,
    Good to meet you here, and thank you for your kind words about my post. Hope you are doing well!
    Hi Jim, I am just starting to think about w chairs. After all the comments from the forum. Do you have any idea what you want? I still don't.. Let me know what you decide on ? Thanks, Linda
    In response to your post in the "Equipment" forum (in case you don't go back to it):

    If you get straight Medicare, the last time I looked, they will cover 80%. That leaves you with 20 and that 20 can be a lot for a PWC. If you go with a Medicare Advantage Plan, look closely at what they cover for DME, as some plans are now going with a 70/30 split, instead of 80/20. If you can't afford the 20%, be sure and ask the PWC distributor about "financial need or waiver" program.

    Also remember that there is a waiting period of 5 months for Medicare, even after the date of approval.

    Welcome to the forum!
    Welcome! I am still trying to get my husband to log on and register, glad you took the step. Lori
    This is my first of what I am hoping will be many posts for years to come. I was diagnosed with ALS in Sept. last year after over 2 years of tests. Right after the news my wife started searching the web for answers and support and came across this ALS forum. She has been so inspired by what you all have to say and has been trying for months to get me to logon and read your posts. I have put it off because I was afraid of what I might read, boy was I dumb for waiting so long. I spent a few hours today reading the post and find them insightful, inspiring and in some cases humerous. I can't wait to start communicating with all of you and asking question so I can tap the knowledge you all have.

    Again, it's great to finally be registerd and a part of this wonderful site.

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