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    it seems we are on a similar path--symptoms 2 yrs prior to diagnosis. i was diagnosed at 50. muscle loss in arms and legs. still eating and drinking. breathing slowly becoming an issue. to see what you've created and the comfort you're in is a bit reassuring. i appreciate your generosity.
    good morning jimi.
    i wanted to thank you personally for sharing your setup. i remember watching your video over the summer and being thoroughly impressed. the system you and your 'right-hand woman' have created is great! generally speaking...
    Thanks. If there is anything I can do to help, feel free to reach out. I'm pretty well adapted to 24/7 living with niv which has been a learning experience. Definitely pays to learn how to adjust your own equipment. Take care
    i appreciate it jimi. i might take you up on that. haha. stay safe and enjoy the holidays.
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