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  • Many, if not most, of our members are in wheelchairs or living their lives in hospital beds, attempting to help others with ALS. Some can't move any limbs, and communicate to this site by eye gaze computers.

    If you are diagnosed with an MND, please come back. Until then, you are just pissing off and insulting and wasting the time of people who have a terminal disease. Go seek support elsewhere.
    Jillibillibob, what you describe can be many things, all of which a doctor must diagnose. It doesn't sound like any ALS I've ever heard of.
    Do you have any results dealing with your ulnar nerve? Pinky involvement shows in you pinky and outside of your ring finger etc .. so you may want to visit a hand surgeon who is familiar with such matters
    Jiilbillibob, the key symptom for ALS is actual physical total weakness, as in you can't move your hand at all, or your leg doesn't physically lift up off the ground. ALS kills the nerve that feeds your muscles, so the very first sign of weakness in a particular muscle is a permanent inability to activate that muscle. The sx you just now described could be so many other things, from hypoglycemia and dehydration to a pinched nerve, but they don't sound like any ALS I've ever heard. If I were you I'd focus on something other than ALS. Good luck.
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