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  • This lift is not designed to pick someone up off the ground. I'm assuming you need this in case he falls. I'm not sure about New York but in Southern California the fire department will readily assist in these situations. Over the past 3 years we've called the fire department 6 or 7 times for a variety of situations where we needed some "muscles" to extricate me – and sometimes my wheelchair. Each time they fantastic. They arrived within a few minutes and were always helpful and courteous.

    Hope this helps,
    One nice feature of this sling is that it is U-shaped. You can put it on your husband while he is seated without lifting or rolling him.

    I also cannot support myself in a seated position. My wife lifts me from my wheelchair and suspends me over the commode when toileting.

    Cost: as with all adaptive devices, it isn't cheap. We purchased it around 2013. The lifting arm, sling and the car mount (installation included) was around $4800. The mobile base with battery pack was around $2000.

    One side note: the battery pack that came with our mobile base lasted about a year. The cost to replace the battery pack was about $300 which is ridiculous. We assembled our own for about $100 which is still going strong after three years.(Cont.)
    Hi, I was going to post this on your thread but it is now closed.

    We use the Milford Person Lift by AutoChair. It's one of the most compact and versatile patient lifts that I have found.

    The lifting arm is motorized, compact (around 30 in. long) and fairly light (18 lbs). It is quickly interchangeable between three possible configurations:

    1) car (standard) – lifts the patient out of the wheelchair and allows the user to easily swing the patient onto the car seat.

    2) mobile base (optional) – converts into a Hoyer-type lift. For storage or transport, the legs of the mobile base swing together (53x24 in.) and the handle folds down flat. It can be stored under the bed. It's long but relatively flat. We have a minivan and it's no trouble to take with us when we travel.

    3) wall mount (optional) – the wall mount bolts to the wall. It has two pins which you drop the lifting arm onto. It's very compact but the reach is limited. (Continued)
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