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  • Hi Jessie~ so sorry to hear about your Mom's passing. Love & prayers to you and your family!
    Hello Jessie,

    I saw a post from you about your mom's negative outlook and really identified with feeling overwhelmed when you're made to listen to every miserable detail. Ugh, it's so hard. I sent you a friend request.

    I am sorry to hear your mom is rapidly progressing. I was hoping it slowed down for her. It's good you are spending time with her, even though it may be hard for you. You and your family will be in my prayers. Glad to hear you newest addition is doing good, such a joy, even more so at a difficult time. You are def busy! Things have been slowly progressing with my Mom, each day is a blessing! Take care!
    I explained ALS to my 7 year old and think he has the basics down, he knows that it will take her away from us one day too soon. Unless a miracle happens, we pray for her, many people have prayed, we've taken her to church to have pastors pray for a healing. I cannot believe how quickly your Mom's progression is moving. I am sorry to hear that, but it sounds like your family is close. Mine is very close as well. It is hard being pregnant and dealing with all of the emotions, but I am so glad to have another miracle from God in my life during this difficult time. Looking at my new baby and holding him, brings me comfort and joy. And I see my Mom's true smile when she holds him. I hope it does the same for you and your Mom.
    Hi again, My Mom was experiencing a lot of confusion when she was on a research drug for a 6 week period at the beginning of the year and so we decided (along with the doctor) to not let her drive anymore. Since being off of the research drug, she's been less confused and has been able to drive a few times. She came to visit me twice this week, we live very close, I go to see her too, but she surprised me by coming over. Although she only stays for a half hour maybe, and doesn't say a whole lot, it is still something I cherish. She does hold the baby and smiles at him.
    Hi Jessie,
    I see we have a lot in common. Congrats on your 5th baby! How exciting! I never thought I'd have a 3rd boy. Great pics of your family. My Mom is 53, she started slurring her words in 5/2011, and ALS was confirmed 12/2011. As you, I never imagined my Mom would get ALS. And, she has the Bulbar form, which seems to be progressing rapidly. She is more distant, does not have much to talk about anymore, when I see her, I am looking for things to talk about, but she doesn't talk back much. She used to be more talkative and very outgoing. I know it's a combo of her having difficulty with her speech, the FTD, and depression. I cry when I think about then and now...I cry because my youngest will not know her the way my older 2 do. They ask what's wrong with her, why doesn't she talk to them as much or cuddle with darn unfair. I'm sorry to meet you under these circumstances, but am glad to have you to talk with and relate to, please feel free to send msgs anytime! God Bless!
    What a dork I am! I just posted my reply to you on my site! So I'm copying it below for you... :)

    Hi Jessie, good to hear from you about your Mom. Another question: how are YOU doing? Remember that you also need to take care of yourself as does your Dad, ok?

    If your Mom's arms are still relatively ok, I find to turn over that the bed slats in my headboard make it alot easier. I try to lay on my left side, flip my right leg over as best as I can, and grab the bedsheet if it's tucked in at the bottom, or the headboard to turn. I also have to remember to wedge my other elbow underneath me at the same time. Not easy, but have her give it a shot. My right leg is stronger than my left, so it depends on which side is the stronger one. If she doesn't have slats in her headboard, maybe you can get one of the assist belts and drape it around somehow to give her something for leverage besides your Dad.
    Hi Jessie, just checking in on you and your Mom...

    (BTW, tcmt has been banned from the forum, don't even think about spending lots of money on an unproven treatment!) Can't believe he's posted 2 messages to you trying to sell something!
    Hello, Jessie! i am doctor from China. Our hospital treats patients with chronic diseases with traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). You could pay attention to us on Hope we can provide some help for you. Take care and a big hug to you.
    Hello, Jessie! i am doctor from China. Our hospital treats patients with chronic diseases with traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). You could pay attention to us on International Comprehensive Services of Traditional Chinese Medicine From China. Hope we can provide some help for you. Take care and a big hug to you.
    Sometimes it's just really hard, and sometimes I don't know that people realize they are sounding judgemental. Keep on posting, and if you don't feel safe posting, just message me like you did. And try to get out and do something for Jessie, ok?!
    Jessie you are most welcome. There are a lot of overwhelmed people here (CALS and PALS) and they are just hanging on by a thread. So emotions can run very high. Take care and a big hug to you.
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