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  • Hi jenn, I was just wondering how you and your children are doing? Think of you often, hugs, Linda
    So sorry, sounds like Als took another good one.. Why does this monster pick the best among us? My heart is heavy fir your family.
    well has been a difficult time... Richard passed away May 9,2010.
    i miss him every day, but by the garce of God go I...and am glad to say he is in a better place.
    the children are copeing well and i can only marvel in how well they understand and how well they have been able to keep things in perspective in a way only children can they keep me smiling.
    Prayers to you JennBenn. I know there are no words that will bring comfort right now. Just know I continue to hold you and your family in prayer.

    hi jennbean havent heard from you in a long time i hope everything is going ok drop me a line take care
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