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    PALS roll call Wednesdays ( or whenever)

    Still on the right side of the dirt!
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    I can ignore most of them, but the cramps in my tongue always get my full attention!
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    NASCAR Pit Crew career not likely...

    So my 16 yr old daughter and I took a road trip last week for a college football bowl game. Easy drive being that it's all interstate and the company was great! On the way home Sunday we stopped for fuel and my daughter went inside for coffee while I pumped the gas. In another moment of pure...
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    Question for Veterans

    PBA... just another fun little trinket that comes with the ALS bundle!:evil:
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    Question for Veterans

    Same here... comes in the mail from the Durham, NC VA. Just started this month, so we'll see if it does anything.
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    Question game

    Two Siberian Huskies (and a lot of hair in the house!) If a chicken and half can lay an egg and a half in a day and a half, how long would it take a one-legged grasshopper to kick the seeds out of a dill pickle? Or... if you could go back and do it over, would you have more, fewer or the same...
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    Acceptation wrong or right?

    A race is a great idea! Give the 'mall walkers' something to watch. During the ALS Advocacy conference in D.C. this year I challenged Chris Rosati, the now famous Krispy Kreme King, to a race around the lobby of the JW Marriot Hotel. I confess he beat me handily, but it sure was fun!:twisted...
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    Acceptation wrong or right?

    Mike, Great thread, and great attitude! I was fortunate that after my diagnosis in 2011 I had very slow progression; gave me time to come to grips with the changes that are inevitable. I got my van last week, and until then had never used the PWC in public. Hated the idea actually! When I...
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    Fighting a case of bronchitis...

    I have no trouble coughing, just sore from so much of it! I have taken to hugging a pillow when I cough and that helps. I was having spasms that were closing my throat, making it hard to start breathing after a coughing spell. I am using a nebulizer to relieve that. Those spasms made sleep...
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    Fighting a case of bronchitis...

    ... and feel like 10 pounds of crap in a 5 pound bucket. Started Friday, got worse over the weekend and just won't go away. Chest and back are sore from coughing so much, fever and chills alternate enough to keep me miserable and the congestion sucks. Being sick, on top of having ALS, double...
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    CALS-what to do along this journey

    Cheerleader, Great thread, and one that merits repeating often! I too have my 'binders' that include all legal papers, insurance, investment, banking and other info with phone numbers and points of contact. Whatever is needed to ease the burden on my bride after I die. I actually planned with...
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    PUB is open....

    Vicki, Hoping for the best possible outcome from your appointment today. Speaking of wine, I saw the strangest thing over the holiday... my sister-in-law mixing her wine - white or red - with Mountain Dew. For me, a bottle of Malbec, hold the Dew please.
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    Rave: A Thanksgiving Treat for my PALS!

    Awesome! This made my day. As the Team Gleason saying goes, "No white flags!"
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    FVC - supine versus sitting

    Had it done sitting, all was well. (at least ALS well!) Had it done laying on my back, not so good. Got the bipap without a sleep study this way, and it was a big help.
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    Clinic last Wednesday

    &*$^%@ Posted on here 3 times and keep getting re-directed to the login page. Technology sucks. ALS sucks. Politicians suck. Sucking sucks. That is all. :-)