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  • I have done extensive Research on Vitamin B12, due to the fact my mother had ALS, back in 1978, they gave her 6 months to live, she lasted 10 years, due to B12 shots twice a week.in the nursing home That was the old Cyanocobalamin.

    Now we have Methylcobalamin which is very powerful, if administered correctly and in strong dosage. Nasal B12 can destroy the flu and cold virus on Contact. www.popsci.com/node/22953

    Read It! Nasal B12 goes directly into the blood stream, but to be effective, it must be strong, the main element in B12 is COBALT! For Flu and Cold I use 40,000 mcg, which gives me about 2000mcg of Cobalt. B12 is 5% Cobalt. On the popsci website it explains all and how to use it. One of the main effects of B12, it Lubricates the myelin sheaths that cover your nerves, as you get older they dry out, and the nerve can break off.

    I feel for ALS, NASAL Methylcobalamin could slow down or even halt the process of the disease,
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