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  • My husband has had slurred speech for a few months , with nasally voice and excess saliva. He is 57. His GP sent him to a neurologist, who conducted an ecg and cartoid doplar scan thinking it may be a stroke. these were clear, so he referred him for an EMG, NCS and MRI scan. He has no muscle degredation or weakness, other than slurred speech. I dont think he had fasciculations prior to the EMG. After the EMG he started with twitching in his upper arms, then within a week his chest and calf muscles We saw the 2nd neurologist last week, the MRI was clear, however as his EMG was abnormal, he can't rule out MND at this stage. He has asked for us to go for a further MRI of his neck in case it is compressed or herniated discs and to go back in 4 weeks to see if there is any change.

    4 weeks is a very long time to wait, not knowing! Could the fasciculations be triggered by the EMG or by stress? Is it normal for them to all appear so suddenly, without any weakness?
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